Society must help unemployed get jobs


Aug 18, 2016, 5:00 am SGT


It was heartening to read about the study done by the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School on unemployed Singaporeans seeking managerial and professional positions (“Job search fatigue and re-employment quality“; Monday).

It offered insight into the plight of those who have lost their jobs and suggested ways to minimise job search fatigue. Let me add more suggestions.

First, we must provide some social security and arrange some sort of bridging finance scheme for the duration of the job search until a person manages to get the next job. Why not take a portion of a worker’s paid tax and Central Provident Fund money and reserve it for job-loss financing, subject to a time limit?

Second, all stakeholders of society, from the job seeker’s family and friends to social institutions, must make all possible effort to boost the morale of the job seeker.

Regular counselling, networking with prospective employers, arranging part-time jobs and matching his skills are possible things to put into action.

We should not forget that keeping a valuable resource idle is a loss for the country.

How fast a job seeker gets the next suitable job is also the responsibility of society, and not just the responsibility of the individual person.

Atanu Roy



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